Mountain Sports Strategy


Global Strategy project to enhance Brand | Product | Marketing and Distribution Strategies.




Faraday Future

There are few moments in a career when you get to launch a new product, and new brand and a new way of thinking at the same time. This was one of them.

Marketing Strategy. Brand Strategy. Creative Strategy. GTM Strategy. Creative Execution.


Black Diamond engaged Project for its growth strategy.


It was an inspired moment when BD asked Project to develop the pivot for brand growth. To define a new white-space consumer opportunity and create the demand strategy was some serious work.

IDEA: Research driven insights into new consumer behaviors and needs

IDEA: Global adoption of new direction via a unique set of distributed brand tools



The worlds most exclusive auto brand engaged Project to define it's Future Driver.

With the future launch of the Urus SSUV in 2018, Lamborghini needed a path to brand transformation which opened the aperture of the brand to include Future Drivers.

IDEA: Solve critical business challenges

IDEA: Develop precise Future Driver profile

IDEA: Define brand purpose

IDEA: Articulate the Future Driver strategy to all stakeholders


This project is confidential. Details available in Q2 2017.

This project is confidential. 

We are undefineable, but we need a unified global brand campaign.


Likely the biggest challenge we ever faced. How do you create a unified campaign for a brand that stands as the benchmark in so many product categories, in so many sports and with such a diverse consumer audience. It seemed Beyond Reason.

IDEA: CUSTOM as a method to drive consumer engagement and drive margin

IDEA: Unified global campaigns to decrease fragmentation and increase brand equity

IDEA: Women as a growth driver _ Perform Beautifully

IDEA: Apparel as a growth driver_ global product strategy


In collaboration with Factory Design Labs